Dual Reflective Window Film - Ultimate Solar Heat Control

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Dual Reflective Window Films

Residential and Commercial Solar Control Films

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Tinted and Non-Tinted Comparison Exterior View

One of our most popular and versatile window films for both homes and businesses!

By pairing a mirrored exterior side with a more subtle interior side, dual-reflective films provide significant solar control while maintaining clear views to the outside after dark.

This means you get the exterior appearance looking in of Silver Reflective “mirror tint” and the interior views looking out will look like standard dyed film.

house window tinting
house tinting
After (35 Dual Reflective)

This film’s dual reflective low heat absorbent construction is the ideal choice for sensitive window systems and large expanses of glass that require maximum heat reflection and low sheen internal viewing. Safe for use on single pane and dual pane IGU windows.

Constructed using a high reflective external layer for extreme heat reflection and privacy, keeps you feeling cool, and blocks heat so your air conditioner runs less.

Combined with a low-reflective neutral ceramic internal layer for premium optics. Choose your favorite from a range of pleasant, homey hues. 

It’s also able to block 99% of the sun’s undesirable UV rays benefiting home furnishings like upholstery, carpets and artwork to stay looking fresh and new longer with less exposure to sun.

What Dual Reflective Window Films Can Do for You

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Reflect Heat

Reclaim areas of your home that you used to avoid during the heat of the day, thanks to heat-blocking technology.

residential window tinting

Energy Efficient

Solar films help keep indoor temperatures more stable, so heating and cooling systems run less and use less energy.

residential window tinting

Optimal Views Day and Night

This film’s reflective quality adjusts as the sun rises and sets so you have clear views outside, daytime or night.

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Increase Indoor Comfort

Enjoy any room in your home, any time of day with the help of solar film’s enhanced indoor climate control.

Residential Window Tinting - Commercial Window Tinting

UV Protection 99%+

Home furnishings like upholstery, carpets and artwork stay looking fresh and new longer with less exposure to sun.

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